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We are proud to be one of Amticos hand picked retailers covering the Mid Sussex area Crafted and Manufactured in Britain

Our extensive range of luxury vinyl tiles with patterns, colours and designs to suit every interior.

Amtico flooring is suitable for every room in the house and is easy to clean, suitable for underfloor heating and water resistant too. All of Amtico floors come with a 25-30 year warranty

Our fitters have a wealth of experience and have been trained to the highest of standards amtico flooring.

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Each van has the complete amtico range – we will measure up your room and give you a price on the spot.

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Amtico Showroom

Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Crawley and surrounding areas in East and West Sussex.

Our in house Amtico fitters are fully LVT trained flooring specialists 

Visit our showroom warehouse to view our extensive range of Amtico Design Flooring and we’ll offer our expert advice.

Brochures and samples available on site.

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Amtico showroom

Visit our showroom

Choosing your new flooring couldn’t be easier – visit our showroom warehouse and we’ll offer our expert advice.

Directions to our showroom

New Carpet Showroom – Warehouse And Sample Studio.

Looking after your Amtico Flooring

Use Amtico Clean for everyday care of your floor, available to purchase at our showroom.

With a soft sweeping brush, remove any loose dirt or dust. Add 50ml of Amtico Clean (1 notch represents 50ml) to approximately 8-10l of clean water. Mop the Amtico Clean solution onto the whole floor, removing any excess liquid.

Inside your Floor Care Kit

  • Amtico Clean 750ml
  • Amtico Remove 750ml
  • Amtico Refresh 750ml
  • Floor Protector Pack
  • Refresh Pad (soft/white)
  • Remove Pad (coarse/white)
  • Applicator
  • Floor Care Guide
01444 236786
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Visit our showroom

Choosing your new flooring couldn’t be easier – visit our showroom warehouse and we’ll offer our expert advice.

Directions to our showroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Amtico flooring is a luxury vinyl flooring solution which can be used to create the visual effect of wood, stone or tile, but without the downsides that these materials can bring. Amtico flooring is available in a large variety of patterns, colours and styles which offers plenty of versatility in terms of styling your home in a way that suits your personal taste. It’s a durable option that is made from multiple layers of materials such as PVC, vinyl and resin to create a hard-wearing floor that can withstand wear and tear.

The beauty of Amtico tiles is that they’re incredibly easy to clean, needing very little maintenance. For the most part, they can be swept and mopped occasionally, with a deeper clean carried out once a year. This type of floor can be cleaned using a dilution of one part bleach to at least ten parts water, but Amtico have their own maintenance products which are designed to leave your floor sparkling clean without any residue or inferior results.

Accidents can happen, especially in high traffic areas. Luckily, light scuffs and abrasion marks can be removed using a small amount of Amtico Spillage Remover which can be used with a non-abrasive pad or cloth to gently buff the scratches out. Amtico flooring can also be stripped periodically which will restore it to its former appearance, removing scuffs and marks that have developed in the wear layer. Alternatively, the individual tile can be replaced if it becomes damaged.

Amtico tiles are designed to work with underfloor heating systems, so they won’t warp or become cracked like natural floors can be prone to. You will need to ensure that there are no leaks in the underfloor heating installation and that it has been switched off for at least 48 hours prior to your Amtico flooring being installed. You should also be careful that the heating temperature does not exceed 27oC, as this can lead to damage to the tiles.

Amtico flooring tiles are impervious to water, so they can be used in areas where spillages and moisture is likely. It won’t react to humidity either, so it can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. However, there is a risk that the adhesive will soften if the floor is submerged for any length of time.

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