Best Flooring Options for Wet Rooms

For many homeowners and property investors, wet rooms are a stylish, modern, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional bathrooms. Many people prefer the practical and space-saving benefits of installing a wet room in a home, and it’s no secret that this is proving a popular trend among buyers.

Nowadays, wet rooms can be installed in almost any property type and size. That said, installing a wet room should be considered carefully, as the materials needed to complete a luxury wet room design to spec will depend greatly on the structural features. As such, it’s important to think about the materials needed when designing wet room flooring and the long-term value they will add once it’s installed.

As specialists in flooring for bathrooms, kitchens and other moisture-heavy areas of the home, here are Homecall Carpets’ top recommendations for wet room flooring.

Important Info About Wet Room Materials and Flooring Types

Wet rooms, much like standard bathrooms, washrooms, and ensuites, contain prominent levels of moisture. As such, the products within such an environment can be more susceptible to warping, degrading, or mould growth, if not careful. The flooring material is no different.

To get the most out of a wet room, it’s important to think about the following as it pertains to flooring materials:

  • Water resistance
  • Slip prevention
  • Affordability
  • Material quality
  • Design and aesthetics

Choosing safe and slip-resistant flooring for wet rooms should be a high priority. Opting for high gloss tiles may be a bit more attractive visually, but they could be hazardous to your health and safety. However, if these luxury, premium materials can be treated with slip-proof finishing coats, then you can reap the benefits of both quality and practicality.

Naturally, prices will vary depending on the chosen flooring material, but investing in high-quality flooring will typically offer greater stability and performance. Provided that they are properly grouted to avoid water seepage, and that the whole wet room is tanked appropriately, you can achieve some absolutely stunning luxury wet room designs.

What Flooring Materials Can I Use for a Wet Room?

Now let’s explore some of the flooring types you could use when exploring your wet room design ideas.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVT provides the look of natural stone or wood with the water resistance of vinyl. The durability of luxury vinyl makes it one of the best options for floors in showers, saunas, pool houses or ensuite bathrooms. LVT stands up well to repeated water contact while mimicking the aesthetic touches of stone or wood tiles, thus giving it aesthetic versatility.

Rubber Flooring

For a soft, slip-resistant surface, rubber floor tiles are cushiony underfoot yet highly impenetrable to water and mould. From bright solid hues to stone and brick designs, antibacterial rubber flooring brings warmth while preventing leaks and maintaining safety. Rubber flooring also comes in a wide variety of designs, from neutral and simplistic to vibrant and bold.

Tile Flooring

Of course, tile has always been associated with bathrooms and wet rooms due to its water resistance. Porcelain, ceramic, marble, limestone, and natural stone tile can handle pools of water or steamy conditions with no performance impact.

From quick-to-install rectified tiles to beautiful stone mosaics, floor tiles from brands like Amtico and Porcelanosa give endless options for wet areas.

Other Factors to Consider

Tiled wet rooms have a formidable reputation for both aesthetic and practical appeal. Despite tiles being highly versatile, there is, undeniably, a cost factor associated with them. What’s more, if they are fitted unprofessionally or without due care, they could end up letting mould or leaks through, not to mention suffering aesthetic damage like cracks.

Tile cutting and fitting are more convoluted than laying LVTs or rubber flooring, but that is not to say that wet room tiles are worth ignoring completely. They can also be used in wet room walls and comfortably surround drains in wet rooms to create a seamless look.

The perfect wet room needs to be both safe and secure while offering aesthetic value. Anti-slip LVTs or rubber flooring can work just as well as standard tiles, reducing friction and preventing slips, while proving cost-effective in price.

Explore Wet Room Flooring Ideas with Homecall Carpets

All of our flooring experts would be pleased to advise on the best flooring solutions for your individual space and usage. At Homecall Carpets, we recognise that budget and space are big considerations for property owners seeking a wet room upgrade, which is why we are happy to visit you and offer a free, no-obligation measuring, planning, and quotation service. From this, we can discuss your aesthetic preferences and find a cost-effective solution for your wet room that offers stability and luxury value.

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